What if I don’t Liquidate

Then what?

Once you are aware of a problem you, as a director, have a legal responsibility.  We really can’t over-emphasise the need for you to seek advice if you are in this situation.

If you decide not to Liquidate your company, despite it having a debt problem, then there are certain consequences you should be aware of. 

Personal Liability.  A common consequence of trading an insolvent company  is for the Directors to be made personally liable.  Many Directors end up in bankruptcy courts through not acting as soon as they realise there was a problem.

Banned from being a Director.  If you do not act in accordance with Company Law, then it can be deemed you are unfit to be a Director.  When you took office, you made a promise to abide by the Companies Act, and by the fact that you have done nothing to resolve the problems, you have broken this promise.

Criminal Charges.  Criminal charges can be brought against you for a multitude of reasons.  One that is becoming more common is when Directors see fit to continue to pay themselves dividends, even though they know they are unable to pay their creditors.

The stakes can be high if you decide not to Liquidate your company.  Should you find your company has a debt problem it is always best to get some professional advice, it’s free and it might just save you a big headache. 

How can we help

Unlike other Liquidation Companies, we have structured ourselves and our Voluntary Liquidation Services in a way that genuinely helps you the most.
By Liquidating through us, we will:-

  • Ensure you are aware of any problems before you commit to Liquidation
  • Make sure your Liquidation goes as smoothly as possible
  • Deal with any issues before they become a problem
  • Try to make sure this is your first and only Liquidation
  • Minimize the pain of Voluntary Liquidation

Make a fresh start in business and start your Liquidation – call 0800 612 94 78 now.