Liquidation Consultations

What happens in those first meetings with a Liquidator?

A consultation, for us at least, is all about making sure you are going down the right path with Liquidation.  It is there so we can both discuss your situation openly and to offer you the best advice, whether you use us or not. 

Confidentiality. Whatever you tell us in the consultation is confidential, we do not discuss this with anyone else.  We will need basic details to advise you better, but that’s as far as the information goes.

Consideration.  We will pay the utmost attention to your goals and ambitions.  You have taken the company this far and just because you are Liquidating, it doesn’t mean you have to give up.

Worts and all appraisal. It is tempting to gloss over any negative impact that Liquidation could hold for you.  We feel it’s better that you know the whole picture before going on to Liquidate your company, at least this way we can deal with it before it starts.

Fees.  You will need to know the cost of Liquidation and we will give you that price through the course of the consultation.  It is up to you whether you use us or not.

Preparation Roadmap.  If there are things that should be done prior to Liquidation, we will advise you of these and how best to approach them.

Above all we will offer you frank and honest advice on your way forward.

How can we help

Unlike other Liquidation Companies, we have structured ourselves and our Voluntary Liquidation Services in a way that genuinely helps you the most.
By Liquidating through us, we will:-

  • Ensure you are aware of any problems before you commit to Liquidation
  • Make sure your Liquidation goes as smoothly as possible
  • Deal with any issues before they become a problem
  • Try to make sure this is your first and only Liquidation
  • Minimize the pain of Voluntary Liquidation

Make a fresh start in business and start your Liquidation – call 0800 612 94 78 now.