Who We Are

Focused on helping Directors in debt

Back in the mists of time our partners worked for other Insolvency Practitioners (hard as it may seem to believe, we weren’t the first liquidators). We would meet up at Insolvency Service training programmes and discuss new ways forward.

Time and time again we saw problems that could have been dealt with a lot better before the appointment of a Liquidator – if only we changed the way we liquidated companies.

The fact is you could have problems because of a poorly planned Liquidation – rather than breaking the law.

If only we could make some slight changes to the Liquidation Process – how much better it could be for you.

We took the concept to our then bosses and unanimously they rejected our plan – they didn’t see the point in doing additional work to help Directors.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Given our rejection we decided to set up Zennet Solutions.

A new way to Liquidate

The vision of Zennet Solutions was simple – we would change the liquidation process, we would help Directors avoid unnecessary pain, we would do a ‘dry run’ of the liquidation first to see what problems showed up and a sensible solution could be found.
In effect – we look after the Directors, whilst the Liquidator looks after the creditors – it really is that simple.

Let us say that again because it’s important– we look after the Directors interests, whilst the Liquidator looks after the Creditors.

In between there is a middle ground that we can agree on – that suits the creditors and the directors without having to resort to any legal action.

Does this mean an extra cost for liquidation? NO! As long as you use one of our panel of Liquidators it will probably cost you less than a standard liquidation – without the headache.

Make a fresh start in business and start your Liquidation – call 0800 612 94 78 now.